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Data Mining

Data to CD Data Warehousing merges information from a variety of systems that traditionally do not “communicate”. It places the data (up to 1 Million pages) onto a CD-ROM, in a large repository for easy access. Free viewer software is included on each CD-Rom that enables multiple end users to quickly extract information in a matter of seconds that once took days, or even weeks to manually collate. For no additional charge, Microfacs can extract up to six data fields for automatic indexing purposes.

dataminingData to CD Data warehousing technology preserves the investment in legacy systems and integrates hardware systems, streamlines information collection, and empowers employees. It stores all mission critical, enterprise-wide data in one central location. Additionally, it allows companies to extract data to spreadsheets (like Excel) to analyze information from a variety of systems and applications, integrating all the data, for global searching capabilities.

Microfacs can help separate data collection from data analysis, providing tremendous flexibility and cost savings. Employees can export data into any information analysis tool to capture historical data for trend reporting. Additionally, data archiving and warehousing onto CD-ROM provides protection to your corporation from computer viruses, and disaster recovery for just 10’ths of a penny per page. The CD and FREE viewing software are self-contained and do not rely on BIOS clock or date information on your PC.

A data to CD Data warehouse can be created from sources that are in either an Ebcidic or ASCII format. Typical sources are traditional green-bar financial and accounting records, hard copy reports, checks, bank statements, word processing, spreadsheets, paper documents, etc.

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