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Paper Scanning Services

Paper scanning logoMicrofacs paper scanning services is ideal for companies that are running out of storage space or need to preserve bulky documents in an electronic format. Microfacs converts all sizes of paper source documents into various digital image formats. Output mediums include CD-ROM, DVD, or a secured portable drive.

In many cases instead of scanning to a digital format only, we microfilm paper documents first. We then convert the microfilm to an electronic (digital) format. For the same low price you will receive both the electronic copy of your paper PLUS an eye-readable copy on 16mm microfilm.

This has proven advantageous to state and county recorder offices that have been required to keep an eye-readable copy available. Private industry has also experienced the same benefits because of the changing technologies.


  • Eye readable copy (microfilm) and digital resource
  • You receive both digital and microfilm back up of your source documents
  • Faster conversion to digital output at higher quality than direct to digital scanning
  • Substantial savings vs. traditional digital scanning of documents offered by other conversion companies

We can work with our network of trusted partners to convert paper to microfilm in your city and then convert them to a digital format using our Sunrise scanners at substantial savings vs. direct to digital scanners.

Read a case study on digitizing large paper documents.

Microfacs offers a full line of indexing services to make the retrieval of your images faster. Please call us or contact us to find out how our paper scanning services can help you manage your documentation and reduce your storage space..

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