Digitizing Law Enforcement

Digitizing Law Enforcement

Digitizing Microfilm for a Law Enforcement
Watch any police show and one can see the marvelous equipment that our police forces use now days. Stun guns, radios, helicopters, radar, bullet proof vests, tear gas, breathalyzers and special weapons are some of the highly visible items used by law enforcement in crime fighting.

One of the most important tools in fighting crime is not very visible to the public. That tool is the information system. Nationally and locally accessible information is a major tool for criminal investigation. Years ago, information was put on index cards and stored in file cabinets. Police librarians were used to retrieve information. Information retrieval took hours and there was little ability to rapidly share information across law enforcement jurisdictions.

Later, many of these index cards were replaced by microfilm. Microfilm is more efficient and long lasting than index cards, but still requires manual searching and universal sharing was impossible.

Today, critical information is digitally stored and cataloged so that it can be rapidly searched, retrieved and shared. Criminal investigations can move faster and more effectively as better information is instantly available.

Despite the rapid advancement in information technology, there is still a considerable amount of police documentation stored on microfilm. In order for the newest computer technology to be effective, the old, manual media must be digitized so it can be accessed by computerized information systems.

This is where Microfacs comes in. Our latest case study involves converting microfilm into indexed, digital images. The client was a large police department of a major western US city. The info to be digitized dated back to the 1950’s. Over 7,000,000 microfilm images were digitized and indexed. Much of the data was put on searchable PDF OCR.

The project was done on a state-of-the-art SunRise® roll film scanner in a secure, controlled environment to ensure maximum confidentiality. The process was monitored by a trained technician. Government agencies and police department trust Microfacs to digitize their critical information accurately, securely and efficiently.

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