Historical Documents

Historical Documents

Scanning Microfilm of Historical Documents

Preserving historical documents is one of the vital ways to keep our sense of history and values. While the US is still a relatively new country (238 years), we have a rich history of documentation. Preserving national documents in glass containers guarded in museums may preserve the document, but does little in enabling the sharing of these valuable resources.

Recently, Microfacs had the opportunity to do its part in preserving history. Our project was scanning historical women’s rights constitutional documents. Since the documents could not leave the facility, Microfacs went to Washington DC with a Sunrise Scanner and converted 35 millimeter microfilm of these documents into searchable PDF. Searchable PDF OCR offers the best option for converting historical documents with the document being fully searchable. The project required 2 full days of scanning.

The company was a private historical society and some of the documents we scanned are from the early 1900’s. Microfacs has had many projects in the past involving historical documents. Converting documents in a safe and secure manner is one of our top priorities as we understand the sensitive nature of keeping information private as well as keeping old mediums intact.

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