Large Format Paper Scanning Case Study

Large Format Paper Scanning Case Study

Microfacs completed an interesting paper scanning project for a large energy company based in the Midwest. The energy company has aerial view maps of its natural gas pipeline. These maps are needed in case of problems in the line or for assisting in excavation projects near the line.

There was 26,000 high resolution colored images that were scanned to an archivable PDF/A-1 format. PDF/A-1 is a special format of Adobe PDF that is specific for long term preservation that meets ISO 19005-1:2005 standards. The standard was developed by a joint group of representatives from industry, academia and government to insure that long-term storage and preservation is maximized.

The challenging part of the project was maintaining high resolution color on large format documents (the maps were 2 ft by 3 ft). The project took about 5 weeks to complete to the full satisfaction of the customer.

If you have a large format document scanning project, Microfacs has the technology and expertise to meet your needs.

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