Microfilm for Religious Organizations

Microfilm for Religious Organizations

Digitizing Fiche and Microfilm for Religious Organizations

When attending a Church, Synagogue or Temple, one hopefully is aware of God’s presence. The minister, priest or rabbi is highly visible along with your fellow worshipers. Often one can admire the stain glass window, the art and soul enriching music. It is often very easy to see the effort put in the music and other pageantry that is part of our celebration rituals.

Many churches have gathering areas, conference room’s, cafeterias, class rooms and even gymnasiums. All are obvious to the casual observer.

Something that isn’t obvious to most people, but is a major component of most churches are records and documentations. These records include HR documentation, donation history, building records and even recordings of sermons.

There are a number of federal tax and civil regulations that make it if not mandatory, at least highly advisable for the church to keep records.

For example Title VII of the Civil Rights Act protects all employees from religious persecution as well as granting them rights to meaningfully practice their religious beliefs without undue restrictions placed by their employer. Wrongful persecution cases would sometimes require documentation from the church that the plaintiff was a member of.

Many churches are staffed by volunteers. Tax payers can legitimately deduct some expenses such as travel and material costs incurred as a volunteer for a charitable organization. People deduct dollar donations as well as other asset donations to churches. Churches keep records of these types of donations for their own tax purposes.

Marriage certificates, baptismal certificates, confirmation records and sometimes death certificates are just some examples of records kept by churches. If a school is affiliated with a church, then an entire new level of documentation is needed.

For worldwide religious organizations, the documentation tracking increases exponentially. And in today’s age where instant access to any information is considered mandatory, religious organizations can quickly become over burdened with record keeping.

This is where Microfacs can help. One for our latest projects involved digitizing a combination of microfilm and fiche for a worldwide religious organization. The data when back to the 1940’s. Over 15,000,000 records were digitized, index and organized. All the data was put on searchable PDF OCR. It was vital that this information was accurately and cleanly stored. The project took nearly 8 months, partly due to multiple types of media that needed to be digitized and indexed.

Hopefully the volunteers and staff can now spend more time attending to the needs of its people rather than filing, searching and retrieving records.

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