Microfilm Scanning Case Study

Microfilm Scanning Case Study

Microfilm Scanning Case Study for the Insurance Industry

Microfacs recently started a major microfilm scanning project for a large insurance company based on the east coast. The project consists of scanning policies and certificates dating back many years. There are over 65,000,000 microfilm images to scan. The microfilm will be digitized to searchable PDFS using OCR technology.

Images will be grouped based on automatic detection of blips on the film. This massive project will take over 2 years to process 84,000 rolls of films; there will be weekly turn around.

This project will help the insurance company manage claims more efficiently as vital information contained in the insurance policies can immediately be retrieved; giving the claims processor quick access to critical information needed to communicate with the insured. Once microfilm has been digitized to searchable PDF, then any piece of critical information can be located quickly. This saves hours or even days over having to manually search through film to find specific data.



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