Scanning Aperture Cards – A Case study

Scanning Aperture Cards – A Case study

It isn’t just government agencies and hospitals that need aperture cards scanned and digitized; manufacturing is also a great application for digitizing aperture cards. Many product manufacturers have to carry documentation for its spare parts.

Microfacs is currently working with a helicopter manufacture to digitize aperture cards of helicopter blade schematics. There are over 89,000 cards to digitize. Helicopters tend to stay around for a long time; in fact some are over 30 years old. Helicopter blades need to be replaced several times during the helicopters life. In fact the aircraft probably has had several complete overhauls to keep in flying shape. It is vitally important that drawings be around a long time to insure that someone can manufacture the spare parts.

Microfacs sees a number of manufacturing areas where schematics of components need to be kept on file for a long time. Aircraft, ships, machinery and heavy construction equipment are some examples of expensive products that are generally kept usable for a long time. This requires a fairly frequent replacement of key components. As time progresses, many of these components are no longer stocked, so a special order has to be placed for the spare parts. Having digital images of these schematics makes it easier to organize and manage so that getting an accurate part replacement is still possible, even though the model is not being manufactured anymore.

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