Microfilm Scanning for the Banking Industry

Scanning for the Banking Industry

Microfilm Scanning for the Banking Industry

This particular case study of microfilm scanning may not be as unusual as some of the scanning projects we have done, but it was with one of the largest banking institutions in the Midwest. The project involved digitally converting 16 millimeter microfilm and indexing account records. There were over 4400 rolls of microfilm that had to be scanned to a PDF format. The documents dated back to the 1960’s, one of the nuances of the project was there was a small percentage of records that had multiple 12 digit account numbers, which Microfacs was able to resolve using zonal OCR technology.

The images were sent back to the customer on portable hard drives. Microfacs handles all scanning projects in a secure environment. The project took about 7 weeks to complete and the customer was highly satisfied with the results.

The microfilm was digitized using the Sunrise roll film scanners. These scanners handles high volume microfilm digitizing to all types of file formats, including TIFF, JPG, GIF and PDF at resolution levels up to 600 dpi.

If your company is in banking, finance or any other industry, you probably have accumulated lots of records on microfilm or paper. Digitizing these documents will allow you to store and process these records far more efficiently. Microfacs can digitize your microfilm or paper documents in a secure environment using the latest technology available at a price that you can afford.

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